The anatomy imparts the knowledge of the structure of the human body in all its individuality and variability to students (human medicine and dentistry) and to physicians/medical practitioners intending to continue their education as well as to people working in many allied disciplines. The practical work in the dissection room plays an important role in the teaching of this knowledge as well as for the discovery of hitherto unknown facts. In order to give a clear idea of this practical work we depend on large scale body donations.

In the name of the scientists, students and medical practitioners of the Section of Clinical-Functional Anatomy of the Medical University of Innsbruck we want to thank you for your intention to donate your dead body to the teaching of future physicians, the continued education of medical practitioners and medical scientific investigations.

In this connection we ask you to heed the following points:

  • By a bequest (Letztwillige Verfügung) you can donate your dead body to the Division of Clinical and Functional Anatomy (formerly Institute of Anatomy and Histology) of the Medical University of Innsbruck.This bequest can, of course, be revoked any time without declaration of reasons.
  • Please fill in two copies of the form “Bequest” and send one of these (with your signature) to
    Institut für Klinisch-Funktionelle Anatomie
    Müllerstrasse 59, 6020 Innsbruck.
  • The other one should be filed with your documents.
  • The forms can of course also be obtained from our secretariat (Tel No. 0043 512 9003 71113.
  • As confirmation you will receive a small card containing the most important information which you should carry with you all the time.
  • Please inform your relatives about your intention to donate your body for research purposes. Moreover it would be useful to inform your family doctor and/or the doctor you are currently consulting about your bequest.
  • This bequest means that we will take over all formalities concerning the transfer, combustion and burial of the corpse.
  • When death occurs it is important to inform the Divisions of Clinical and Functional Anatomy as soon as possible. For this purpose the division has its own medical stand-by duty, meaning that a physician is on call even on Sundays and public holidays and can be reached under the number 0043 (0)664 2616943.

We have a great regard for the mourning of a deceased person’s family. For all that, a laying-out at the place where he/she died is unfortunately not possible. Therefore we offer our little chapel to the families in mourning for a leave-taking, which can be arranged by contacting our office.

  • The transport from the place of death to the Division of Clinicaland Functional Anatomy will be carried through by an undertaker’s appointed by us. The costs for the transport inside Austria will be met by us. (If you intend travelling abroad we recommend a special insurance to cover back transport).
  • When we have finished the anatomical investigations for teaching and research purposes, the body will be combusted, and the urn buried without ceremony in the burial-place of the Division of Clinical and Functional Anatomy on the cemetery of Pradl (East Cemetery). The Division of Clinical and Functional Anatomy will, of course, meet the cost for the combustion and the burial of the urn, too. If relatives of the deceased wish to be present at the burial they may do so if they defray the extra costs.
  • Once a year, usually on All Souls’ Day (November 2nd), a commemoration is held in the cemetery in honour of all the deceased who donated their bodies for scientific purposes. In combination with that a memorial service takes place in the hall of the institute. The details referring to this commemoration are available at our office from the middle of October (tel. 0043/512/9003-71113).

We assure you that your bequest will remain absolutely confidential and hope that we have explained everything to your satisfaction. In case of further questions please don`t hesitate to contact us under the above mentioned number.