The section Clinical and Functional Anatomy contributes much to the preclinical training of future medical practitioners. The broad spectrum of studies includes lectures as well as practical exercises. The scientific lessons serve to make the students familiar with the anatomical and medical terminology and the systematic and topographic as well as the functional and clinical anatomy. Moreover, students belonging to the doctor’s degree courses are taught “Image-Guided-Diagnosis and Therapy” and “Muscosceletal Sciences”. People who study sports or intend to become nurses or physical therapists, too are instructed in anatomy.

In the preparation courses imbedded in the curriculum our students get the chance to try out for themselves the structures acquired by their theory lessons and to realize their functional and clinical interrelations. Because of that, the systematic dissection and preparation of a human body is a central and obligatory part of the preparation courses.

In addition to that, the dissection courses are meant to form the basis for the later practitioners’ medical work, including their manual skills as well as the social and ethical aspects of their work. These last aspects are emphasized by an attendant course on ethics.